We’re pleased to share a recent exterior painting project in Laguna Niguel, CA, that showcases our commitment to quality and attention to detail.

This single-family home received a much-needed exterior update. We focused on color-matching paint that fit seamlessly with the existing look, just completely refreshed. Our team ensured that the painting process was smooth and efficient, leaving the home looking refreshed and well-maintained, without disturbing the surrounding environment.

At BuiltPro Painting, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable and straightforward painting services that meet our clients’ needs. This residential exterior painting project is another example of our dedication to enhancing homes with care and precision.

Exterior Painting Residential Home in Laguna Niguel: Quick Facts

  • Location: Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
  • Paint Surface Area: 3,300 ft²
  • Preparation: Surface preparation methods included: Scraping old paint, pressure washing, sanding. Cracks or holes caulked as needed (wood trim). Spot priming bare surfaces as needed.
  • Application Method: Airless spraying, back-roll, cut-in
    • Paint Types: 
      • 1) Sherwin Williams A-100 Exterior Acrylic Latex Flat (Two coats) – Wood Siding, Stucco
      • 2) Sherwin Williams SuperPaint Exterior Semi-Gloss (Two Coats) – Soffits
      • 3) Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Semi-Gloss (Two Coats) – Wrought-iron railing on deck, Window frames, Garage door, Shutters

Painting Residential Home Exterior in Laguna Niguel, CA: Before-And-After Pics

For this project, we were responsible for painting a nearly zero-lot-line home. As you can see in the pictures, there was quite a bit of landscaping on the sides of the home, with very little space to work around. Our team is completely familiar with handling paint jobs like this, given the regional development styles and terrain.

In addition to steering clear of the foliage, we also wanted to make sure we preserved the windows, garage, door area, and the classic brick look that accentuated the home and the front pathways. This goes into our proper prepartion and keeping our paint contained along with deploying covering where necessary.

Painting Residential Home Exterior in Laguna Niguel, CA: Before Pic

Before Painting

This exterior is a perfect example of a home that simply needed a fresh coat of paint, along with plenty of attention to detail, especially with regard to the prep. Given that a portion of the exterior was comprised of panels, we knew we needed to make sure we applied the right amount of paint on each panel to avoid unnecessary drips and to coat each edge properly.

We still pressure washed the exterior to ensure we were working with a freshly cleaned surface. This stage of preparation can also sometimes reveal any loose paint spots that might go overlooked.

Painting Residential Home Exterior in Laguna Niguel, CA: After Pic

After Painting

The Value in Hiring Local Laguna Niguel Painters

Let’s rethink the value of hiring local painters for an exterior paint job on your home. At first glance, it may seem like just a cosmetic touch-up. But I’m here to tell you there’s more substantive upside than you might expect.

We all know first impressions hold a lot of weight in shaping how people perceive things. When someone drives past your property, that exterior is the very first representation they get of what lies inside those walls. Hiring professional painters in Laguna Niguel for vibrant, well-maintained exterior signals, “This is a home that has been diligently cared for.” It makes a powerful opening statement.

But beyond just aesthetic appeal, there are real economic incentives for periodic repainting as well. Sustaining that curb appeal doesn’t just attract potential future buyers – it protects one of your biggest personal investments. With Laguna’s coastal air bringing salt and moisture, paint from skilled Laguna Niguel painters acts as a frontline defense against the elements trying to degrade your home’s condition and equity over time.

Speaking of investments, researchers have actually studied the financial returns on exterior painting projects1. Their data shows a fresh exterior coating provides one of the highest cost-to-benefit ratios of any home renovation. For a relatively modest expense, you’re instantly elevating your property’s perceived market value while fortifying its structural integrity for years ahead.

So I urge you to view hiring pro painters as more than just a cosmetic move – it’s a proactive measure to maintain and enhance what’s likely your single largest asset. It serves as an insurance policy against depreciation and neglect, conveniently packaged as an aesthetic upgrade. Viewed through that lens, passing on routine repainting is actually the risky move for a homeowner.

I’m not advocating for full repaints every single year. But our team of Laguna Niguel painters offer a convenient way to stay on top of professional-grade maintenance without headaches. It’s about recognizing the practical upside and breaking the inertia of resigning yourself to whatever faded condition your home’s exterior is currently displaying.

So let’s rethink the value proposition here, Laguna Niguel residents. Hiring pro painters for an exterior repaint pays dividends beyond the eye-catching curb appeal. Don’t wait to protect your biggest asset, request a painting estimate from BuiltPro Painting today to transform your investment and extend the longevity of your home tomorrow.

References: 1Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies (2019). Renovating Housing Stock: Economic Remodeling and Household Repair.