Water Damage San Diego

Water Damage San Diego

Water damage ruins homes. You need the services of a professional, so your home returns to its previous condition. Contact EZ Dry Flood Damage today and see what we can do for you. We are a premier company for cleaning up water damage in San Diego.

Types of services for water damage

Once water damages a home, there is limited time to reverse the damage. Once the disaster happens, it is more difficult to clean and return the structure to its previous state. Even if damage occurred to your home, a quality company could still repair a great deal of it. Here is some services quality damage & restoration companies provide:

  • Water extraction - If water remains in the structure, removing it is the first step. Repair to damaged areas can not happen with water still present.
  • Structural drying - To get a full picture of the damage, it can not still be wet. Once the structure is dry, the full picture of what happened emerges. Now you can see what damage the structure sustained and get estimates on repairs.
  • Mold removal - Mold is not just a mere nuisance. Mold contamination is a serious health issue and can trigger everything from allergic reactions to lung infections. Specific types of mold are dangerous. Have a professional remove this from your home immediately.

What to look for in a water damage & restoration company?

This job is essential for the health of your home. You want a professional on the job. Ask friends and business owners for known reputable contractors. Use sites such as Angie's List to see additional reviews. Google and Yelp also provide the background information needed to make a decision. Use keywords like water damage in San Diego to find top contractors in the area.

Qualities to look for include:

  • 24/7 service. Water damage doesn't always occur during regular business hours. Leaks and pipe issues occur both day and night. Look for a professional who responds to calls at any time.
  • Only work with licensed contractors. Contractors with a license have the proper recognition from local and state authorities. As a bonus, look for contractors who are bonded and insured as well.
  • Look for a company with a professional and positive attitude. This process is stressful. Do not work with a company that makes the situation worse. If the company is difficult or rude during the selection process, they won't exhibit new qualities once they start working. Pick a company that is pleasant and professional from the beginning.

What is the cost of water damage services?

These repairs cost a considerable amount of money. The more extensive the service, the more the service costs. The basic service of drying out a structure is roughly $2700. The larger the area in need of drying, the higher the price. Damage to drywall can cost as much as $7500. Depending on the circumstances, insurance companies help defray these costs.

When looking at facts like that, it is clear that you need a professional for a job like this. Call EZ Dry Flood Damage today. We are a top-ranked company providing excellent protection and repair for water damage in San Diego.

Water Damage San Diego