concrete saw Kansas City

concrete saw Kansas City

Cutting concrete is a tough job, as multiple types of saw or blades may be used and the best type to use depends on the job. Sometimes it is necessary to make changes to improve the integrity of a project. Give us a call if you need a team experienced with a concrete saw in Kansas City.

Can concrete be cut?

Concrete can easily be cut through in a variety of ways. The most popularly is with a saw. Obviously, it is a tough job that requires the right tools and precision to not ruin the whole project. It is also important the saw isn't forceful as this can cause cracking or extra debris when cutting.

What kind of saw is used to cut concrete?

If you need to use your saw to cut through concrete, a circular saw is one way to go. There are different types of blades with different applications and price ranges.

For a clean and smooth cut, there is no alternative to a wet-cutting diamond blade. The blade is well-lubricated with water so that debris is minimized and the cut goes smoothly. This may not be the most convenient option as a special saw with a water supply is needed.

A cheap option would be to use abrasive masonry blades, although it isn't efficient. Cutting through the concrete would be slow and a noticeable amount of debris will be left behind. Only go for this option is there is nothing else available.

If you have trouble getting this sort of job done, you should hire a company skilled with the concrete saw in Kansas City, like KC Coring & Cutting. It is a difficult and laborious job that could cause injury to the untrained.

Why does concrete need to be cut?

As concrete is a liquid formed into a solid, common sense would tell us that we need to plan ahead and mold it before it dries. In reality, concrete is known to crack eventually and cutting it into sections would be planning for the inevitable.

When concrete is made into just one large block, cracks can be random and dangerous. If it is neatly separated into chunks, then you will have some control over the damage.

Usually, concrete will have to be cut within a day of it being finished. Joints will need to be spaced properly for safety's sake.

How do you cut concrete recess?

Drainage grooves are commonly used so that excessive downpour can run off into the drainage system. Usually, such grooves are made during the concrete pouring, but it still can be made afterward by cutting into the concrete. Using the concrete saw, cut 2 inches into the ground around drawn concrete lines. The team will then start removing concrete using sledgehammers and shovels. A new drain pipe would be installed and then covered with concrete so it is re-integrated.

You shouldn't use a concrete saw on your own, so you should hire experienced professionals to handle this tough job. If you need help with your concrete job, give us a call at 816-523-2015 to speak with our team of concrete saw professionals at KC Coring & Cutting.

concrete saw Kansas City
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concrete saw Kansas City
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